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Is your new home safe and weather tight?

If you’re considering buying a new home, you need to be aware of its present condition. Not only should you know what repairs are required now, but also what is likely to need attention in future years. If you are buying a flat, you will also become liable for a share of the costs of maintaining common parts and services. This is where we can come in, to survey the property and report back.

What can we do for you?

• Condition surveys

• Scale plans for leases or licensing

• Investigating building defects

• Technical advice on repairs and alterations

• Conservation and heritage research

• Experience with community buildings and grant funding

Commercial Leases

Before you sign a lease for a commercial property, let us carry out a survey to record its condition at the outset. This will help avoid or resolve any disputes at the end of the lease period. You may also need scale plans to define floor areas and access routes.

Ensuring your property is equipped for safe use

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If you are taking on a new place, whether as a home or for workspace, you need to know what needs repair, not just now but in the future. In the case of flats that should include the common structure and services. For larger blocks of flats or estates, a sample survey may be enough to help managers prioritise repairs or improvements.